‘The Buzz’


Here’s what some organizations have had to say about our markers:

National Geographic ranks our eco-friendly markers as one of the Top 5 Green School Supplies in its Green Guide. Their Fall issue of the National Geographic Green Guide featured our markers for their cover article.



After years of researching green products, the City of San Francisco released a database of products and services tested to meet the city’s health and environmental standards. The City of San Francisco chose our markers as the preferred dry-erase marker for use in city departments. www.sfapproved.org



On the TV show, The Lazy Environmentalist, a teacher showcases his new set of our markers to his




Workspring (a division of Steelcase) is a state-of- the- art network of collaborative meeting rooms and work studios which are equipped with our markers.

“Everyone loves these markers!  Before purchasing, I literally did a test of seven or eight types of dry erase markers and these were of the highest quality.As a brand, we have several green initiatives and this choice was consistent with this mission.”
Gina D’Ercoli


Here’s what some more of our customers have to say:

“Not one marker went in my garbage can this year –   who else can say that?  Very impressed   with the ease of refilling and just overall quality.”
Terri Roberds,


Lips Against Lead Campaign – signing on with AusPen markers

“I really see no advantage to the disposables!”
Benjamin Jose,


“WOW! I didn’t realize how horrible those Expo pens smell. It pains me to be around them now.”
Emily Cashen,


Cornell U opens its design Library with students writing on the walls with AusPen markers, 2011

These markers save so much waste and money.”
Bernadette Chimner,


“I have been using these markers for the past three years and love them. I really like how the markers do not give off a foul smell and does not have Xylene in it.”
Edwin Bautista,


“EcoSmart’s markers are the greatest!
Now I am ordering some for my kids’ schools…..I can’t stand the thought of them wasting any more money on the other markers, or inhaling the fumes one more day!”
Suzy Rhoades
Insurance & Securities School of Colorado, LLC


Madison Green Schools Coordinators and their AusPen kits, 2011

“We have successfully switched our entire high school to the refillable pens. We did not purchase a single disposable pen for this year!”
Jennifer Sanders,


“I have been a long-time environmentalist, but somehow it never occurred to me to question the impact of the white board markers I use (and toss out) all year long. They are low-odor and erase like a dream. They have vibrant colors. The markers actively teach children about reusing resources. In addition to being environmentally friendly, they are also budget-conscious! What more could you want in a marker?”
Catherine McCaffery,
Caldwell Schools


“When our daughter was unable to stay in her Grade 7   classroom because smelly white board markers gave her horrible “brain fog”,   the school secretary ordered from EcoSmart Products. Happily, Katie has never   left a classroom again because of brain fog thanks to these markers.”
Judy Wigmore,


Aaron Joseph creates “Compassion” calligraphy with his AusPen dry-erase markers, dedicated to us at EcoSmart Products!

“The Academy for Global Citizenship LOVES our eco-friendly  markers! They are high quality, safe, and better for the environment than the alternatives! Thanks for making such a great product that reflects our school’s values.”
Dan Schnitzer,
Director of Sustainability,
Academy for Global Citizenship


“I really love my eco-friendly   markers and I recommend them to anyone who regularly uses a whiteboard.   They have brilliant colors, are easy to erase, very easy to refill, have a   nice feel in your hand and are kept in such a neat package that it is   convenient to bring them to my classes each day.  I never throw them   into the garbage.”
Holly  Kresch
Diablo Valley College, California


“We’ve really seen a change in the teacher’s attitudes. Many of  them started using refillable markers this year based on our proposal to put   them in the classrooms last spring.”
Amy Grant,
organizer of  Generation Green Team
Bethpage High School, NY


“Mathematicians   do not want any of their equations- even the ghost of them -left on the   boards, so we only use EcoSmart’s markers. Their   markers are easy to refill…and there is no smell to the ink. My work load   from all the cleaning of the whiteboards has gone way down.”
Kelly Gardiner,
Simon Fraser University


Teens Turning Green have their say, with AusPen markers

“Using refillable markers helps me to   follow my philosophy of wasting as little as possible in my professional   life”.
Indrani Kar


“You offered us such EXCELLENT thorough   customer service.  AMAZING!!!  We truly appreciate your time and   EXCELLENT service.  You go above and beyond.  Thank you!”
Maria Sierra,
Edgewood College


Happy Anniversary!

Our customers often write to us to tell us of their anniversary with their markers! Do you have an anniversary with your markers?

“I’ve had my AusPen set for 6 or 7 years. I use them every day in my classroom, and have only had to buy new ink sets from time to time.”
Donna Williams
“My AusPen kit and I just celebrated our one-year anniversary! It feels so good to know I’ve helped to prevent all that plastic waste.”
Rebecca Schantz
“I’ve been using the same set of 12 markers for 3 years. There is a level of satisfaction in that.”
Jim Miller
“My pens and I have been together for over a year. Love them!”
Sue Frantz

AusPen Markers Take Center Stage in an Art Gallery:

Travis Nichols hangs our eco-friendly markers and invites gallery participants to finish his drawings….