EcoSmart Eco-Friendly Dry Erase Markers

Made to make a difference! If you’ve ever tossed a dried out marker into a garbage can, or flinched from that “marker smell” and don’t like the idea of either – we’ve got the product for you.

Our dry erase markers were created so you never have to throw away another marker again – ever. Not only are you reducing waste in your local landfill, but our non-toxic ink wipes out the nasty toxicity factor and any potential health issues related to markers (think headaches, nausea, chemical-sensitivity problems, etc.)

Your classroom and/or your work space just got an eco-makeover when you switch to our EcoSmart markers.


Your ecological footprint is smaller when you chose to use our EcoSmart markers

  • Made from recycled material
  • Non-Toxic Ink (Ultra-low odour)
  • Never runs out (Refillable)
  • Never toss out another marker
  • Very, very economical (70% less than disposable markers)
  • Extended cap-off times (still work 48 hours after cap is off)
  • Durable 7mm nibs
  • ISO 9000 certified
  • Tried and tested (our markers are currently used by thousands of educators)

Here’s a video that shows you the benefits of the EcoSmart markers and how to refill.
EcoSmart Markers

All markers come fully inked and ready to write.

**All marker pens are available with a Bullet Nib (left hand diagram) for a bolder line, or a Chisel Nib (right hand diagram) for a finer line.

See below for product information.

EcoSmart Kit

EcoSmart Kit Order Now
  • The EcoSmart Kit includes 6 markers and 6 refill ink bottles
  • One EcoSmart Kit equals 246 disposable whiteboard (dry erase) markers
  • The budget savings is very attractive, as it reduces your marker cost to about 28 cents per marker
  • The Kit includes six strong colors, or any variation of these six colors


EcoSmart 12-Pack

EcoSmart 12-Pack Black 2
Order Now
  • Each pack contains 12 (twelve) marker pens in one of six colours: Black, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Orange
  • Choose from Bullet Nib or Chisel Nib

EcoSmart 6-Pack Assorted

6-pack, Assorted Order Now
  • Colour choices for a 6-Pack is either: Assorted – one each of Black, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, and Orange 
  • Choose from Bullet Nib or Chisel Nib

EcoSmart 6-Pack (3×2)

6-Pack 3x2  Order Now
  • Colour choices for a 6-Pack (3×2) is: Black, Blue, Red – two markers each of Red, Black and Blue
  • Choose from Bullet Nib or Chisel Nib


AusPen Refill Inks

 EcoSmart Refill Ink Black Order Now
  • Individual refill ink bottles of a single color
  • Ink is non-toxic and xylene-free
  • Ideal for users who are chemically-sensitive
  • Ink is highly visible and easy to wipe off
  • Each refill ink bottle provides up to 40 refills
  • Each bottle is available in colors: black, blue, red, green, purple, orange



Replacement Nibs

replacment_nibs_large Order Now
  • Pack of 10 or 20 replacement nibs for EcoSmart markers
  • Nibs are double-sided
  • Replacement nibs provide further cost savings for users
  • Easy to replace worn marker nibs with new nibs
  • Available in Bullet Nib or Chisel Nib


 Shipping Costs

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Using a refillable marker helps the environment by reducing waste, and saves you money in the process.

One small marker…One HUGE difference