EcoSmart Eco-Friendly Dry Erase Markers

Our dry erase markers were created with the purpose of keeping toxic waste out of local landfills and reducing the toxicity in our classrooms.

They use non-toxic ink and they’re refillable!

Reduce Your Ecological Footprint By Using our Dry Erase Markers

  • Made from recycled material
  • Non-Toxic Ink (Ultra-low odour)
  • Does not run out (Refillable)
  • Our markers don’t end up in landfills
  • Very, very economical (70% less than disposable markers)
  • Extended cap-off times (still work 48 hours after cap is off)
  • Durable 7mm nibs
  • ISO 9000 certified
  • Tried and tested (our markers are currently used by thousands of educators)

All markers come fully inked and ready to write.

**All marker pens are available with a Bullet Nib (left hand diagram) for a bolder line, or a Chisel Nib (right hand diagram) for a finer line.

See below for product information.

EcoSmart Kit

EcoSmart Kit Order Now
  • The EcoSmart Kit includes 6 markers and 6 refill ink bottles
  • One EcoSmart Kit equals 246 disposable whiteboard (dry erase) markers
  • The budget savings is very attractive, as it reduces your marker cost to about 28 cents per marker
  • The Kit includes six strong colors, or any variation of these six colors


EcoSmart 12-Pack

EcoSmart 12-Pack Black 2
Order Now
  • Each pack contains 12 (twelve) marker pens in one of six colours: Black, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Orange
  • Choose from Bullet Nib or Chisel Nib

EcoSmart 6-Pack Assorted

6-pack, Assorted Order Now
  • Colour choices for a 6-Pack is either: Assorted – one each of Black, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, and Orange 
  • Choose from Bullet Nib or Chisel Nib

EcoSmart 6-Pack (3×2)

6-Pack 3x2  Order Now
  • Colour choices for a 6-Pack (3×2) is: Black, Blue, Red – two markers each of Red, Black and Blue
  • Choose from Bullet Nib or Chisel Nib


AusPen Refill Inks

 EcoSmart Refill Ink Black Order Now
  • Individual refill ink bottles of a single color
  • Ink is non-toxic and xylene-free
  • Ideal for users who are chemically-sensitive
  • Ink is highly visible and easy to wipe off
  • Each refill ink bottle provides up to 40 refills
  • Each bottle is available in colors: black, blue, red, green, purple, orange



Replacement Nibs

replacment_nibs_large Order Now
  • Pack of 10 or 20 replacement nibs for EcoSmart markers
  • Nibs are double-sided
  • Replacement nibs provide further cost savings for users
  • Easy to replace worn marker nibs with new nibs
  • Available in Bullet Nib or Chisel Nib


 Shipping Costs

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Using a refillable marker helps the environment by reducing waste, and saves you money in the process.

One small marker…One HUGE difference