Non-Toxic Ink….to protect your health

Our competitors stink…

No really, we’re not being ungracious. Regular markers, even the ones labeled AP Non-Toxic, stink.

But worse than their smell is the chemicals often used in dry-erase markers that are toxic and harmful to your health.

AusPen markers are xylene-free and toluene-free!

Do you get headaches from your dry-erase markers?

It’s what we hear everyday in our EcoSmart office. Scary stuff.

This is what we often hear people experience with their regular dry-erase markers:

  • Headaches
  • Asthma
  • Brain fog and confusion
  • Skin irratation
  • Behavior issues, especially in children
AusPen markers are non-toxic and are being used successfully by people with chemical sensitivities. The ink is based in a denatured alcohol and will not cause fumes to build up in the room.

Why expose children and adults, in poorly ventilated classrooms, boardrooms and offices, to the harmful volatile organic compound (VOC) vapors of dry-erase markers?

AusPen non-toxic markers will help you breathe easy.

To request the MSDS sheet on AusPen ink, please send an inquiry to:

Did You Know?

  • Children are more susceptible to the harmful effects of marker vapors because of their developing bodies, their small body mass, and their longer life span ahead of them (more time for problems to develop).
  • Toxic chemicals are finding their way into the womb. Babies are born with over 300 chemicals already in their systems.
  • Little is known about how chemicals in our schools, offices and homes mix together to compound health risks.
  • Indoor air quality can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air

Students stand up against toxic markers

At San Rafael High School in California, the students literally climbed a mountain to bring environmentally safe dry-erase markers into their classroom. With the funds that they raised in their hike-a-thon, the students purchased sets of AusPen markers for their teachers. Next, they said they wanted to raise money to replace “that nasty pink hand soap”!

Watch their video